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Measuring Equity Valuation Index(EVI)

Measuring Equity Valuation Index(EVI) Beware, don't ask if the Stock Market in India is currently Bullish or Bearish. I say it is the time to invest. The Current brilliance is to make a small investment in selecting valuable Stocks and invest in those. It is good for everyone to invest now rather than thinking based on Long term Investor or Short term Trader. Find out the real earnings and value of the listed companies and stick to invest in it. Although there are so many fundamental analysis factors, these four important factors will tell the overall market situation in Stocks. Even if you have already heard these factors, such things are very vital for the Long term Investment Strategy and it gives a bonus features on your Investing. Price to Earnings (P/E) Price to Book Value (P/B) G-sec X PE Market Cap to GDP(Gross Domestic Product) One can know the Price to Earnings per share, as a basic level. We should not only consider the P/E of a stock or an industry, but for