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Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life

Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life   If we ask question to anyone about your Aim or Goal in your life. It is applicable to everyone on any age even Child, Student, Parent, Employee, Entrepreneur, Politician or any more. They started their dreams and tell about the aim or goal for their day life. For a Child, the goal may - Need to grown up and then just getting everything. So, Growth is a goal for the child. A Student can think his goal like getting I-phone, Sports Bike. As a Father, he needs to earn more and buy a luxury home for his family, a good vacation and a mother wants to buy a new saree or Jewellery. An Employee want to show up his talents to the boss or employer, so that he can get a hike of his salary. Politicians looking for their goals like becoming a member of Ministry. As an Entrepreneur, he hardly wants to be rich and one of the best part in his industry. From the goals that we have seen, we can find there is a two thing common in everyone's life, DREAM