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How to find the right business for me ?

How to find the right business for me ?   The Entrepreneurial world is changing the way globally, Most of the people needs to start a business, but not just want. We knows that Globalization eases anyone not only for the business, that gives the powerful information. We can tell ourselves that, ' Need Money to start ' or ' Not '. Starting a business needs Nothing. It simply comes with a profit margin and a volume. Road side vendors are creating a successful business than Business owners who had spent a thousands of dollars. So, business needs a little courage with better confidence. Again i am telling to you, Business is nothing but a combination of Margin and a Volume. Here i will tell you, how to find the right business for you or choose the right business for me. There is a plenty of businesses and business models available there, as you can see by these technology, called Internet or Google :) Many business available may helpful to create an online content like th

17 Shares to be De-listed from August 21, 2018 - BSE India

17 Shares to be De-listed from August 21, 2018 - BSE India   The first trading of this week, the SENSEX and Nifty 50 closes with 38278 points and 11551 points respectively. While the Ministry of Statistics set the release of GDP back series data, really impact with the Political India. Earlier, in the month of May 2018 - BSE India had delisted nearly 200 companies and in July 2018, had delisted 222 Companies and moreover the exchange decided to debarred from accessing the market for a period of 10 years to Group companies, directors, and related promoters. From this date (21-08-2018) , there are 17 shares to be de-listed in BSE India Exchange by Bombay Stock Exchange. So, trading in these stocks has remained suspended over 6 months. IAG Company Limited, Baroda Electric Meters, Graham Firth Steel, Graphic Charts Ltd, Bihar Air Products, Valuemart Retail Solutions, Yule Financing and Leasing Co. Ltd, Kiev Finance are the few firms going to be delisted from tomorrow - August 21, 2018 (

The Fantastic Four - Know this before Investing

The Fantastic Four - Know this before Investing When we go for Investing, we just blindly putting our money into some products that are ready to sell. We are not aware of the basic analysis about the term, Money or Finance. But still, our goal is to achieve a good profit on expectation. One can put their earned or reserved money into financial products, stocks, real estate property or any commercial things. Here are the four important things you should know this before invest it. Fantastic Four (SLRT): Safety Liquidity Returns Tax These four things are the primary that one should follow, before investing. For Instance, if i am going to put my money in a bank deposit - What about the safety of my money ? We need the least thing of Capital Protection rather than Capital Appreciation. I am not telling the Capital Appreciation is not important, but Protection is the primary one for anything. The Liquidity is nothing but, a cash - If i need my money that deposited, i want to bea

Top 5 Large Cap Funds to Invest - 2018

Top 5 Large Cap Funds to Invest - 2018   Indian Stock Market is at it's high. Traders are eagerly continued for the Bull and the investors are awaiting for the market correction. Recent quarterly results are for most of the companies. Indian market beats on every expectations - Greece Crisis, Brexit, North Korea, US rates, Trade war. So on every panic, the market simply boosting itself to the upward. The upcoming week have also some sentiments like Trade war, Dollar - Crude movements, and the expectation of quarterly results. As a participators in the Financial market, we even don't know why this happening and the why the other countries expecting India in the market. But, it's an opportunity cost for everyone who utilized too. Market gives a great opportunity with a different aspect called, 'Mutual Funds'. So anyone can participate in the market who not knowing anything about the Market analysis. But again, i am telling you Mutual funds will not reduce or protect f