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India Bulls Housing Finance - Out of Nifty50

India Bulls Housing Finance - Out of Nifty50 In a Press Release on behalf of NSE Indices Limited has decided to make changes in the Nifty50 Stocks list. India Bulls Housing Finance Ltd will be excluded from Nifty50 and Nestle India Limited is to be replaced (included). The said above changes shall become effective from 27th September, 2019 . It will also be applicable to Nifty50 Equal Weight Index. In the Nifty Next50, few companies that are to be excluded - ABB India, BHEL, MRF, SAIL and replaced by Berger Paints, India Bulls Housing Finance Ltd and Punjab National Bank (PNB). It is note that on account of proposed scheme of arrangement for Demerger, ABB India Ltd is to be excluded. For the Nifty 500, there are 21 listed stocks are to excluded and replaced with the same. Reliance Communications (RCOM), Reliance Home Finance, JP Associates, GSK Consumer healthcare, Sintex Plastics, Shankara Building products are the few of the ones to be excluded. Abbot India, Adani Gas, Bayer Cropscie

Is the Indian Stock Market ready to Push up ?

Is the Indian Stock Market ready to Push up ? In the latest post, we have mentioned the factors that affect the Indian Stock Market. They are currently being modified. This may provide a temporary solution and stimulate to the Indian Economy. The Ministry of Finance said that the necessary changes have been made for the development of the Capital Market. Here are few changes said by the Finance Minister, Simplified Aadhaar based KYC for the NBFCs and Mutual Fund Services in India The Surcharge for FPI and Domestic investors being abolished. Pending of GST Refund payments for the MSME will be paid within 30 days. It has also been stated that matters about GST receipt will be resolve with in 60 Days. It is said that the CSR Violations will be taken as Civil offense and will not be considered as Criminal. The Angel Tax is withdrawn for the Start up business. Immediate allocation of funds for the PSU Banks with an amount of Rs. 70,000 Cr. The Super rich tax has also been abolished. Repo ra

Recent changes that investors should note in the Indian Stock Market

Recent changes that investors should note in the Indian Stock Market We are currently and almost in a recession globally. Quarterly results of Public listed companies for most of the sectors did not yield growth. Bigger companies are losing their revenue especially in the Automotive Sector. If the results of the next 2 - 3 quarters remain the same, then the recession can be assured. The Economy slowdown is not just happening in India. There are few factors that impact for the Slowdown - Sino-US Trade war, Hong kong event, Tensions in the Oil nation and Domestic policies. However, recent changes in the Indian stock market are driving the market on Post Budget 2019. The Foreign investors sold shares of worth more than USD 3 the last two months in the Indian Stock market. There are few changes in the Stock market - Post Budget India 2019, Reduce the Promoters Holding to 65 Percent from 75 percent (For Listed Companies). It means enhancing the Public Share holding from 25 Per

Investing is a Listening Skill

Investing is a Listening Skill Listening is an ART, is the best choice for any Field and Time. Learn by Watch (Videos, Pictures) is a good practice, Similarly when we listen to something, we can have the opportunities to acquire. Usually it's the case in Wealth Creation. You don't have to be rich to just having the Money. On the contrary, you need to learn the safest ways to enrich it. We need to listen to others like Positive minded Wealthy people rather than criticize them. Most Success comes from Listening and Conversing. The Life we are living today is 100 Percent Copy of the Past. By Genetic, Everyone have the talent and successful mind inside. But one should have open it in a time. This is the Listening of Time Mantra that boosts our mind and helps to create Wealth. As we wrongly understood that Rich People are not ready to listening other's words. It's not true at real time, they are always keen to listen. Listening from others and Making their own decision were

EMI vs SIP - Which is best for you ?

EMI vs SIP - Which is best for you ? Suppose, i want to buy a beautiful Smart Phone. It costs around Rs. 16,000/- in the Market. The Smart phone have the various features, but the money on my hand is a little less to buy it now. Otherwise, i have to wait for my next month paycheck. Impulsive buying is a Character, it tempts to buy the Smart phone immediately. At that moment of thinking, there is an advertisement related on Smart phone. Yes, Lucky advertising. There is an offer comes by the Advertisement for the Smart phone, which i was intended to buy. What a Surprise ! I can pay just Rs. 1,000/- as an upfront payment and can take it to home. I can pay the rest of it through Monthly installment - Absolutely with Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). EMI (Equated Monthly Installment): As per Investopedia website, It is a fixed payment amount made by a borrower to a lender at a specified date each calendar month. EMIs are used to payoff both interest and principal each month, so that over a

5 Reasons to choose Mutual funds than Bank Fixed Deposits

5 Reasons to choose Mutual funds than Bank Fixed Deposits We don't need to forget the Old things. It is a record book of our past. There is nothing wrong with selecting the old things, but we must go forward in Technology and Economy today. Even in the economy, i often hear this developmental shift. I have heard my friends too. When our Income, Taxes and Prices are climbing, then why should we put so much depend with our old Deposits(Bank Deposits) ? The Interest rates of Bank Deposits are declining every quarter. It's not the bank's problem on Interest rates. This is the decision of Central Bank will take based on Inflation Data. If we think that the Bank Deposits are safe investment avenues, how many times have we tried this safe avenues in our life and would have benefited ? If any other avenues apart from Bank Deposits are Risky and Volatile, then why should we be interested in buying Golds ? As our Income grows, Our Bank Fixed Deposits often tends to pay more Tax on Ma

Repo Rate Cut to 5.40 Percent - RBI Policy

Repo Rate Cut to 5.40 Percent - RBI Policy The Repo Rate for the banks has been reduced to 5.40 percent, cut by 35 basis points. As a result of the Monetary Policy Committee, the new Repo rate fell to 5.40 percent from the earlier 5.75 percent. The Reverse Repo rate has been changed to 5.15 percent, while the Bank rate and MCLR ratio has also changed to 5.65 percent. The CRR (Cash Reserve ratio) stands at 4 % and SLR at 18.75 percent. According to the RBI Policy, this rate cut has been announced due to Economic Slowdown and Inflation rate under the same circumstances. Trade war between US-China, Weakening of Industrial investment in the United States, Lack of growth in the Manufacturing worldwide and even the brexit of Britain have been attributed to Global factors. Japan's industrial figures shown that the economy is likely to slow in the second quarter of FY20. The RBI Policy has also mentioned the economic numbers are not favorable in the Emerging Countries. Manufacturing and Sa

FII and DII Trading activity – July 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – July 2019 As we have already seen, the Global Crisis has not been corrected. The US-China Trade war is also escalating. The US Fed reserve interest rate cut has also been by 25 basis points, which is for the first time in the last ten years. It was only in the year of 2008, that it made such an interest rate cut by the Fed. The current rate cut by the Fed reserve is said to be to protect from the Slowing growth of Economy. The Problem in the Automotive Sector has not been fixed yet. In the Last quarter, the Earnings from Auto companies were fell down drastically. In the month of July as per FII / DII Trading activity in the Indian Stock Market, the Foreign Institutional Investors had sold a large number of Stocks. The reason for the FII net selling is mainly due to the Taxation for the FPI in the Indian Equity market. However Domestic Institutional Investors bought a substantial in the month of July 2019. There are 23 Trading days for the month of July, w