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5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)

5 years Consumer Price Index (CPI) Historical Data Analysis (2013-2018)   The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation for the month of August 2018 went down to 3.69 Percent. Earlier it was 4.17 percent in the month of July as for the developing nation. Here I am taking the last 5 years historical data of CPI India numbers to analyze. For India after 2010, the index for inflation was changed from the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) to Consumer Price Index by the Central Bank – RBI. The Central Statistical Office (CSO) also had given the CPI with a base year 2012 = 100. However, CPI is an important factor to decide the Inflation / Deflation. There are more than 25 Index categories to analyze the prize changes in the CPI Data, especially the data split as Rural and Urban.   Finding the Inflation using CPI numbers is not a hard task, which most of the developed and upcoming nations are using scrutinized. The Lowest and Highest CPI numbers are 86.81 and 140.40 respectively .  The Last one year