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Debt - Is it good or bad ?

Debt - Is it good or bad ? Living without debt is a Salvation, but not everyone has a life be Debt Free. Most of us were fell in the trap of debt, because of misunderstood about Debt. Many people get into debt and drown their wonderful lives. Some people tied up a life time loans and sigh about why we borrowed it. Very few people use the debt carefully or live without Debt. We are all just borrowing and leaving at some point in our Financial Life. Types of Different loans, Personal Loan Vehicle Loan Home Loan Education Loan Jewel Loan Business Loan Credit Cards Mortgage Loan Exposure on Derivatives Individual Loans can sometimes cost lives that lead to Bankruptcy. Human Suicides due to high debt, are also frequently happening. When we need a home, we just get a Home loans from a bank or any Financial Institutions. More than half of our income is occupied by these loans - Called Life Time Debt. Debt usually operates between our Needs and Options. Nowadays, Per

How your investment decision (S)kills ?

How your investment decision (S)kills ? When we complete our School studies, we will decide what we have to take on higher education. We can do a lot of things to choose from for anyone, who can ask about it, what kind of courses to pursue, reading Ads and News related on and more than that discussing with our friends, neighborhood and relatives. But in the end, we bought a course on any manner and complete the course without any doubt. When it comes to Work life or Day job, we often find ourselves that why i had chosen this course or Education. Is it a good decision went wrong or make myself wrong ? We would have asked many people to explain our case like the above said. Our brain consists with lot of information were stored it. We didn't really pick it up. Then why do we have to reduce ourselves. This is the effect of Decision Making. The result is the result. If you are expecting anyone for your needs or goals by the Decision, then you may regret later. This is why some people e

Myth: Insurance alone help to save Tax

Myth: Insurance alone help to save Tax The Central Board of Direct Taxes - Ministry of Finance extended the deadline to August 31 from the earlier July 31st, for Income Tax returns on Individual (Order u/s. 119 of the Income Tax act, 1961). There is a time that the Individual Tax payers rush to the Insurance Company / Agent to get their Tax Benefits. I don't want to criticize or against anyone here. But the truth is why we have to rush to buy the Insurance policies urgently on behalf of Tax Saving. We are aware that our regular pay check (Salary) will rise by every year and the Bonus or any incentives where we getting. Without a proper financial planning, buying an insurance product is nothing but, putting our hard earned money in a garbage. When we become a Tax Payer of a country, we can find the best way to get tax benefits. We thought that the Income tax is favored for the Corporate where we work for and the Government is involved in Tax Robbery. Most of us rely on the Insurance

India's Export down in June - Trade War Impact

India's Export down in June - Trade War Impact The Country's Merchandise Exports went down for the first time in this year 2019. Recently the Ministry of Commerce report said that Trade exports in June 2019, totaled to USD 25.01 Billion - down 9.71 percent as compared from the year ago period. Exports in June were also seen as the lowest level in the past nine months. Imports were also fell by 9 percent. June imports totaled to USD 40.29 Billion. So, the trade deficit for India in June 2019 stood at USD 15.28 Billion. Exports of Petroleum products fell by 33 percent, Gems & Jewellery at 11 percent, 28 Percent by Rice and Engineering goods fell by around 3 Percent. However Iron Ore exports grew by 155 Percent in the month of June. Electronic products were raised by 44 percent and Ceramics & Glassware products up by 20 Percent in the Exports Side. Spices, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals have seen significant growth in Export for India in June 2019. India's exports were decl

Union Budget Highlights 2019

Union Budget Highlights 2019 Several Goals has been set by the Current Government including the $5 Trillion Economy and the goal of improving Rural Living, Road and Infrastructure Services. India, the 11th largest economy globally in the Financial year 2013-14 and now emerged as 6th Largest economy in the World. The Current Account Deficit (CAD) is 2.1 Percent of GDP in the year 2018-19. It was seen as 5.6 percent in the Financial year 2013-14. FDI received in the last fiscal year were reported as $64.4 Billion. The current Fiscal deficit stated as 3.3 percent of GDP. Earlier it was 4.5 percent in the year 2013-14. There are proposals to improve Road and Air Traffic. Rs. 50 Lakh Crore funds have been allocated to improve Rail Infrastructure. It has been stated that the project cost for Rail Infra will be implemented from the year 2018 to 2030. Through Public-Private Partnership, supporting for the Railways were also discussed. The Government has setup various schemes to promote MSME (M

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes from July 2019

Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes from July 2019 The Government of India has announced interest rates for Small Savings Schemes for the period of July - September 2019. It is noteworthy that the interest rates on Small savings have been reduced over the past few years. The interest rate for Small savings scheme has been lowered by 10 basis points in January - March and April - June Period. For the current period, the interest rate on Sr. Citizen's Five Years Plan has been reduced to 8.60 percent from 8.70 percent. The National Savings Certificate (NSC) were stood at 8 percent in the March - June Quarter, which is now 7.90 percent for the period of July - September. Sukanya Samriddhi now comes with an interest rate of 8.40 percent, earlier it was 8.50 percent. For the 5 years Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), the new interest rate will be 7.60 percent and for 5 years Term Deposit, it comes with 7.70 Percent. The said above interest rates for Small Savings Scheme will come into eff

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – June 2019 The trade war (US-China) has not yet ended. In the month of June 2019, the Domestic institutional investors were the net buyers and the Foreign institutional investors were on the selling side. Automobile sales growth has declined for the past few quarters. India's Final Budget 2019 is expected to be filed in the current week. The Automobile sector is expecting with the tax changes in the upcoming Budget. In June this year, the Foreign Institutional investors (FII) bought shares worth of Rs. 98,712 Crore and sold shares of Rs. 99,400 Crore. Net Sales were at Rs. 688 Crore for the FII in the month of June. At the same time, the Domestic Institutional investors (DII) bought shares of Rs. 58,637 Crore and sold shares worth Rs. 54,994 Crore. The Net Purchase stood at Rs. 3,643 Crore for the DII in the last month. The total number of trading days in June was 19 days. 10 out of 19 days, the FII had the Net sellers. At the same month, the Domestic

Five Financial Wheels to enrich your life

Five Financial Wheels to enrich your life On Personal Finance, one can seek the advice of others and can get the help of Financial Advisors. But, we ourselves only know the real Financial needs. Financial Planning is not as difficult as we think, nor is it for Rich People. Decision making is the important one, while playing in the thing of Personal Finance. Many of us who are not even able to complete their School education, are becoming Good businessmen and getting Financial Independence. No one has taught them to become Rich, the decision on Financial Planning made them like Rich. Spending habit is the key factor when it comes to Financial Independence. These Five amazing Financial wheels that anyone can familiar with, to enrich the present life. Budget Planning Financial Goal Planning Investment Planning Retirement Planning Estate Planning You can call and read it as, B-FIRE stands by the first letter. It is advisable to keep the Budget Planning for the Individual and Family on a da