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Debt - Is it good or bad ?

Debt - Is it good or bad ? Living without debt is a Salvation, but not everyone has a life be Debt Free. Most of us were fell in the trap of debt, because of misunderstood about Debt. Many people get into debt and drown their wonderful lives. Some people tied up a life time loans and sigh about why we borrowed it. Very few people use the debt carefully or live without Debt. We are all just borrowing and leaving at some point in our Financial Life. Types of Different loans, Personal Loan Vehicle Loan Home Loan Education Loan Jewel Loan Business Loan Credit Cards Mortgage Loan Exposure on Derivatives Individual Loans can sometimes cost lives that lead to Bankruptcy. Human Suicides due to high debt, are also frequently happening. When we need a home, we just get a Home loans from a bank or any Financial Institutions. More than half of our income is occupied by these loans - Called Life Time Debt. Debt usually operates between our Needs and Options. Nowadays, Per