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The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream - Inflation

The Sharp Knife cuts (hurts) your dream -  INFLATION Can anyone tell, ' Why your dreams never come true ? "  OR   Not always ? I am always start with a caution and raising questions myself. Even starting an article with a question in this blog :-) No need to worry (or) stop, but we have to ask question by ourselves, with a word, ' CAUTION '. We are having the fixed habits, but not having a flexible one.   We go for the School Education We go for Graduation We go for Job We go for Wedding We go for Kids We go for teaching the above to our kids We go for Retirement and finally, we felt bad that something we are not achieved (or) not happy with what we had / did. Why... ? On our school and graduation days, we have so many dreams and likes to get. Then, we think that we can get after our job (Day Job). But, that is the area, we don't have a flexible one. We go for a job, We Spend... Spend... Spend... on our money, not with our precious time ! The