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5 Basic Formulas for Investment - Beginners

5 Basic Formulas for Investment - Beginners Whether you are investing in a Stock(Share) or a Mutual Funds Scheme, there are certain formulas are applicable to all types of Investment avenues. Most importantly, these formulas will help those who are putting their money in Banks and Post Office Savings. Learning about a Mathematical Formula in our school days can be exhausting and a bored one for the most. But in the time of making money, we have the opportunity to learn the art of Making Money with Investing and Savings. A lot of people may not like the word, ' Money '. They may lie to hide their Financial Status. It's their Personal Obligation related to Money. But everyone likes to Counting Money, Spending More Money and Investing it to make Double, Triple, Quadruple, etc. So, it makes them lot of happy while doing this. I am not just saying these words, but the World Economy says. There are 5 Basic Mathematical Formulas especially for the Investment Area and it is just fo