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Which Sector are you going to select for your Stocks ?

Which Sector are you going to select for your Stocks ? Market Indices are at High, Global Economy, Trade war between the countries may affect the quarterly results of a listed companies. There is no doubt that the investment in good stocks will give the investor with an excellent return on a long term, but without the expectation of Short term trend. Recently, the Banks and NBFCs are facing issues like NPA, Liquidity crunch and also with the bad news in Media. We cannot take and stand this as a healthy one for being an Investor. Even If we waiting for the upcoming Budget to the Indian Stock Market. Whenever there are things that affect Economy and Quarterly results, it is better to choose good and valued stocks – Especially effective Sectors. Generally, Strong sectors and its stocks should not be affected by the global economic factors. We have few sectors like these, Automobile Banking & Financial Services Consumer Goods (FMCG) Pharma & IT Services The said above s