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The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2 Hello to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers, here it is a continuation of my previous article - The Driver's Seat – what i learnt from life and what life taught me in various circumstances. Two stories make you to think different and change in view of life. Hope you all will like these stories and now i am going to discuss the following stories are heard and read somewhere in my life. Story 1: In a nursery school, the teacher teaching Maths to students( i.e children ) by the way of figuring a method like flowers, fruits, animals in numbers (2 flowers+2 flowers =?) teacher continuing her class and explaining how to add the numbers with the example of Apple. After completing the addition method in Maths, she want to examine the understanding level of children, how they understand so far. she started asking questions to all children, in the same way she ask question to one boy 4 apples+ 3 apples= ? What is your answer? How much apples do you have no

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1 Human is a Social animal, Human could not live alone in the earth. They must mingle with others for their day- to- day life. We could not find a person without friends. Everyone in the world have friends, even good or bad activities. They are grown together and achieve the same. In all Happy, Sad and in an emergency time, we at once call our friends and then only family and relatives. This shows how much friends are important in any life. Everyone’s life has some important impact got from friends and others and something get from speech of popularity and their role models. I had also some impact get from life and some of them from my role models. Let’s see some of them. Impact One: School Teacher In my school days, one of my English Teacher was given some impact on me. As like of other teacher, he was also same kind of nature, but his aspect about the life make difference and were really tremendous. One fine day in our class, he started the stor