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Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?

Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?   Why Motivation plays a big role in a life of human beings. A Child needs a motivation from the parents to wake without slippery. A Student need a motivation from the teacher to score a good grade. An Employee needs a motivation from his boss to work effectively. We are seeing from the Day-to-Day life motivation and also its become an essential one.   Can i give a Motivation Speech ?   Sounds good, who is authentic to give a motivation speech ?  People have a mindset related to motivation that they have a criteria. Who is eligible to give the motivation where they give their ears to hear. That is,   " SUCCESS PEOPLE IS ELIGIBLE TO GIVE MOTIVATION "     But in a real world - Parents, friends, relatives having the quality to give motivation. Yet we are not accepting such motivation. Due to this, everyone just stubborn in their mind and fill the space with Celebrity, Well being Entrepreneur or the famous one. It's the reason behind