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Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful

Where the Rich Investor going ? Mediocre to Masterful Hai and Vanakkam (Welcome)  to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers!!!!! This write up is to cheer up the activities involving by the Rich investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj, the Entrepreneur and Founder of this blog, who establishes a Rich investing Ideas and his physical efforts to achieve a purpose. He recently published his 100th article of this blog , related to investing in a share market. Hurrah ... 100th article is a grateful effort. He has been survived in between big and top investing institutions. As a known person to Rich Investing Ideas. I want to share some of the words about Rich Investor Mr. Saravanakumar Nagaraj and his efforts towards his goal. Throughout the world all the people want a regular or a fixed income to survive their life. Because they don’t want to suffer more at the month end, they need some amount of money as a fixed salary and they spend the same and run for the next month salary.  As like they leads th

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2

The Driver’s Seat – Steering Wheel 2 Hello to Rich Investing Ideas Subscribers, here it is a continuation of my previous article - The Driver's Seat – what i learnt from life and what life taught me in various circumstances. Two stories make you to think different and change in view of life. Hope you all will like these stories and now i am going to discuss the following stories are heard and read somewhere in my life. Story 1: In a nursery school, the teacher teaching Maths to students( i.e children ) by the way of figuring a method like flowers, fruits, animals in numbers (2 flowers+2 flowers =?) teacher continuing her class and explaining how to add the numbers with the example of Apple. After completing the addition method in Maths, she want to examine the understanding level of children, how they understand so far. she started asking questions to all children, in the same way she ask question to one boy 4 apples+ 3 apples= ? What is your answer? How much apples do you have no

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1

The Driver's Seat - Steering Wheel 1 Human is a Social animal, Human could not live alone in the earth. They must mingle with others for their day- to- day life. We could not find a person without friends. Everyone in the world have friends, even good or bad activities. They are grown together and achieve the same. In all Happy, Sad and in an emergency time, we at once call our friends and then only family and relatives. This shows how much friends are important in any life. Everyone’s life has some important impact got from friends and others and something get from speech of popularity and their role models. I had also some impact get from life and some of them from my role models. Let’s see some of them. Impact One: School Teacher In my school days, one of my English Teacher was given some impact on me. As like of other teacher, he was also same kind of nature, but his aspect about the life make difference and were really tremendous. One fine day in our class, he started the stor


MAKE IN INDIA – COMPLACENCY ?   After read the title, please don’t start your thinking that raising question about Government policy. Its related to that. Recent days, Newspapers, Magazine, Headlines are about well established employees left their high pay job and back to Agriculture and other business. It is that the new generation is doing revolution? Let’s see… In India during British colonial time, they introduced the tea and coffee. For that they cultivated the tea and coffee in Hill area. But the best qualities are exported to their countries. Nowadays, industries are exported the best one to foreign countries only. Dust and low quality for the inland trading. In old days, our people don’t have a habit of drinking tea. Really they don’t know about that. The British companies want to sell the dust tea to the local people. So, they planned to create a drinking habit of tea among the public. Companies are preparing a tea in the big barrel and entering to the street and give continuo


WHY WAS I BORN - THE DIPLOMACY OF MONEY   Vanakkam (Welcome) to everyone, why was I born ? I am not a usual. I was created. My creation, path of traveling, contribution, benefits, my present scenario, I will discuss it as by biography of myself. Do you know ? I am not necessary for ancient people, because they are exchanged the commodity for their needs. In ancient Tamil age, Paddy was the important crop, even nowadays too. It’s the medium of exchange for trade among the people. Likewise pearls, elephant tusk, sugarcane, salt, clothes, millet, pepper, gold ornaments, etc. Especially, trade with the foreign countries, Paddy was exchanged with pearls, cotton, glass ornaments, wines, coral, etc. Some important foreign countries have strong bonding with inland traders. Sometimes, they exchanged the commodity with their Gold coins. Centuries are passed. Old method of trading change into new. How I was created ? I could tell in the upcoming lines. People who went to sell the goods, they need

The Origin behavior of Society

The Origin behavior of Society   In the world last evolved animal is Human being, but the last evolved animal is endangering to ancestors of the world i.e. other animals. Genetically modification is still happens in all animals, but not in human. Because all animals were still surviving even though human create more problems to them like Deforestation, Greenhouse gases, climatic change, solar changes. Nowadays, the earth face more environmental changes but it affects more humans comparing to animals. The lifespan of the animals are same not changed, because they living in natural environmental condition. Human beings are struggling to live with their new technology. We ever notice that infertility rate is high among human beings compared to animals. What it indicates ?  New technology development brings infertility to human beings. Uncivilized animal become civilized, i.e. Human. Modification occurs in animal and also in the earth. Changes bring development to human, but destruction

PASSION CASTLE: I am going to Build a Castle

PASSION CASTLE:    I m going to Build a Castle   We all have friends like Childhood friends, High School friends, College buddies, Work place pals, etc. But, among the all types of friends, only few become close to us. Why ? Because they all have the same wave length of thinking, ideas, views, feelings,etc. But, we could not remember when was the first meet or starting point of the friendship. Bonding between the persons is like Magic . It will not happen with the anyone. Only, it happens between bonding peoples met together. So, only few people have closest bonding with someone, not with all. It’s applicable to our passion team too. We know about the team work value. When games like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Even in family also, team work is very important. For a game, to attain the victory, team member’s coordination is very important. In family, couples’ coordination is important to lead a better life. If, we notice that in all games, Star player is always there. Star players

Growthmania - The Progressive way

Growthmania - The Progressive way   A man wants growth in his life need a fury over the society. So far achieved person in any field have some fury over the society and their environmental situation. For Instance,  “ Mahatma Gandhi ill-treated in South Africa “ “ Rising of Adolf Hitler in Germany” “Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba” “Vladimir Lenin Communist in Russia” From the above, one common thing is fury over the society that pull them up. Rich People in the world like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani – Why they became a successful one ? Something, they did not get from the society in their earlier days. To fulfill their desire, they became a historic icon for us. If the person getting everything  from the society, they are not to think about the growth. Need and Desire moves the person towards the Growth. Growth should be a continuous progress, but not in a sudden growth. If it is like that, it’s a baseless building. Step by Step growth in a life

How train up for Battle Field?

How train up for Battle Field?   The Rules available and applicable to battle field is ‘ To Win or To Die ’ in the field. There is no choice to step back. Which type of character is now need to achieve ? During summer the forest is full of drought. All animals are affected by starvation. One Tiger is also affected by starvation. It find a dead elephant in its path, even though full of hungry it won’t go for that dead one. It’s not its behavior , it could hunting the prey and eat. It’s only sustains the quality. Like wise people should known for his victory in the field or could die bravely in the battle field. Even Needle is better than Sword in the Battle. When our soul is filled by fury about our aim.   Two types of strategy usually followed in the battle field. One is the proper training before entering ; And the other one is getting train up in the field itself. Based on the withholding capacity of the people. Success is the continuous learning process. When you stopped the learni

My Sibling Failure

My Sibling Failure   Are you want to be a loser ?   Can anyone have the guts to want to be a loser. May be not for all !   Yes , i want to be loser all the time. It's my Self-reliant statement. Why because, i face the success very often but my sibling is travel with me through out the life. So, i must give the value to my sibling - " FAILURE ". People in the world, mostly don't like to fell down or fail, but i like to do. I love to face the failure, but afraid to hold the success. Why i am getting afraid to hold the success, while other people in the world are celebrating their success, even in little things too. The Reason behind is, I am greedy. If i taste the word of success, i want more and more, an Endless one. For the Endless one, i have to travel with my sibling. In the world, the success people one may belonged to the poor family, unknown in struggling time, Even after getting as fame, they still enjoy with the same lifestyle what they had in the past. Because

Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny

Perseverance and Inference - Know your Destiny   The Word, ' PERSEVERANCE ' and ' INFERENCE ', which plays everyone's life in a dramatic manner. These two things have related and fought each other that who could rule this part of human life. If Perseverance wins, then the people will get success in their life. On the other part, Inference will give the comment over success or failure of the people. The human life having the perseverance in their live field and the people who claim inference, are the audience rider. In the Forest, Deer stands to prey for a Tiger. If a tiger gets success in all attempts which tried, then the deer will exit. But, the deer breed survives till now due to their perseverance. It is an Evolution by the nature and If a tiger fails because of its inference, still it wants to try at a chance. Tiger will not give up due to its hunger, otherwise the breed of tiger will not exist. Now the people in this world, loud to appraise the achievement of

Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life

Goal Alias Hole - The Identity of Aimed Life   If we ask question to anyone about your Aim or Goal in your life. It is applicable to everyone on any age even Child, Student, Parent, Employee, Entrepreneur, Politician or any more. They started their dreams and tell about the aim or goal for their day life. For a Child, the goal may - Need to grown up and then just getting everything. So, Growth is a goal for the child. A Student can think his goal like getting I-phone, Sports Bike. As a Father, he needs to earn more and buy a luxury home for his family, a good vacation and a mother wants to buy a new saree or Jewellery. An Employee want to show up his talents to the boss or employer, so that he can get a hike of his salary. Politicians looking for their goals like becoming a member of Ministry. As an Entrepreneur, he hardly wants to be rich and one of the best part in his industry. From the goals that we have seen, we can find there is a two thing common in everyone's life, DREAM

Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?

Motivation - An illusion or illumination ?   Why Motivation plays a big role in a life of human beings. A Child needs a motivation from the parents to wake without slippery. A Student need a motivation from the teacher to score a good grade. An Employee needs a motivation from his boss to work effectively. We are seeing from the Day-to-Day life motivation and also its become an essential one.   Can i give a Motivation Speech ?   Sounds good, who is authentic to give a motivation speech ?  People have a mindset related to motivation that they have a criteria. Who is eligible to give the motivation where they give their ears to hear. That is,   " SUCCESS PEOPLE IS ELIGIBLE TO GIVE MOTIVATION "     But in a real world - Parents, friends, relatives having the quality to give motivation. Yet we are not accepting such motivation. Due to this, everyone just stubborn in their mind and fill the space with Celebrity, Well being Entrepreneur or the famous one. It's the reason behind