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FII and DII Trading activity – July 2019

FII and DII Trading activity – July 2019 As we have already seen, the Global Crisis has not been corrected. The US-China Trade war is also escalating. The US Fed reserve interest rate cut has also been by 25 basis points, which is for the first time in the last ten years. It was only in the year of 2008, that it made such an interest rate cut by the Fed. The current rate cut by the Fed reserve is said to be to protect from the Slowing growth of Economy. The Problem in the Automotive Sector has not been fixed yet. In the Last quarter, the Earnings from Auto companies were fell down drastically. In the month of July as per FII / DII Trading activity in the Indian Stock Market, the Foreign Institutional Investors had sold a large number of Stocks. The reason for the FII net selling is mainly due to the Taxation for the FPI in the Indian Equity market. However Domestic Institutional Investors bought a substantial in the month of July 2019. There are 23 Trading days for the month of July, w