Retail Inflation rose to 5.03 Percent in the month of February 2021

 Retail Inflation rose to 5.03 Percent in the month of February 2021

India's Retail Inflation(Consumer Price Index) was 4.06 Percent in the month of January 2021. According to the recent data, the retail inflation have risen to 5.03 Percent in the last month - February 2021. This is significantly higher than the Market Expectation of 4.83 Percent.

The CPI Inflation rose in the last month, due to rising Food Prices. Food Inflation which were stood at 1.89 Percent in the month of May 2019, is now 3.89 Percent in February 2021. Similarly, the Pulses has risen to 12.54 Percent, where the Vegetable prices declined slightly to 6.24 Percent in the said above period.

Clothing and Footwear were increased to 4.21 Percent from 3.82 percent. Tobacco and Housing prices were also increased. The prices of Fuel and Light fell to 3.53 Percent from 3.87 Percent. For the past one year, the CPI - retail prices has largely been above 6 Percent. 


The RBI - Central bank has set a short term target of 2-6 Percent on Retail Inflation. By the Retail Inflation of India, 45.86 Percent were contributed by the Food and Beverages. Housing accounted with 10 Percent, Vegetables with 6.04 Percent and Meat and Fish were contributed 3.6 Percent.

Education accounted with 4.46 Percent and the Health care around 5.9 Percent under the Inflation. Difficulty in transporting essential commodities and lack of Road and Infrastructure, which leads to Heavy volatility on Inflation prices.

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