Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

 Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

Just as there are two sides for a Coin, like wise the money we have needs two things to grow. No matter what investment plan we seek to invest in, the time and the return ratio give its value. Inflation, Taxation, Investing amount and other factors aside, it is the tenure and the investment rate or returns% that make a person Rich.

Money that is earned quickly and easily in the short term can only bring great wealth if it is reinvested and waited to benefit in the long run. Otherwise, its capacity lives for a very short term. The Secret of Wealth is that the poor and middle income wants to make more profit in the short tenure, while the rich sow the money in the long run and wait, then makes a greater wealth.

The so-called rich here are the ones who adhere to the Discipline of Investing. No matter what job we are looking for, we can simply follow and implement the thoughts of the Rich. Here we find Five key techniques for creating such Wealth,

  • Financial Protection
  • Financial Goals & Planning
  • Make use of Asset Allocation
  • Diversification in Stocks / Equity / Shares
  • Delayed Gratification is the secret to Wealth

It takes patience to make little or huge investments in a period and wait a long time to get great Wealth. The newborn child does not go to the school and then go for work to earn on same day. We know that many small companies and Startups were started by an individual with a little funding, later transformed into Large Companies and Conglomerate as a result of waiting. 

"The Rich invest in time, the poor invest in money" says the world's richest men Warren Buffett. 

Generally, the poor and middle class are always in the mood to buy the things which is not required immediately. The rich always know their need and enjoy the Delayed Gratification. That's why they are always known as Rich - It's Disciplined on Investing !

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