Post Covid-19 - The New Normal - Challenges and Opportunities ahead - 2021

 Post Covid-19 - The New Normal - Challenges and Opportunities ahead - 2021

After Covid-19, there was a Big Change and we are back to the New Normal, but not to the existing normal. There are lot of Challenges and Opportunities ahead for the next few decade. The Post Covid epidemic and it's global policies would definitely bring about new change.

In India, the Central Govt is also planned to implement the 4 Day work week in the front. The reason for this was said may different from the Official. But the upcoming innovation on Technology and the subsequent development of Artificial Intelligence based on it.


  • Social Distancing is a New Culture
  • Disruption in Many Sectors
  • Automation - AI
  • Taxation Policies
  • Cost of Buying - Pharma & Healthcare
  • Environmental Issues - Keep Regularly

Opportunities ahead:

  • Minimalism - Spend low
  • Various Job Opportunities, but now the same (Self Reliant)
  • Investments in Multi Asset Options
  • Agriculture on Demand
  • Sustainability Living

New Normal(Post Covid-19 Economy):

  • Tech Driven Life
  • More Time available to spend (24X7)
  • Food for thought
  • Entrepreneurship Living - It's not a regular job !

These are not predictions, but the real world economy moves like that. Make Sure you have enough Term Insurance, Family Medical Insurance, Emergency Funds, Sufficient Retirement Corpus and Debt Free life, before moving to the New Normal.

The Demand for Entrepreneurship will be very high in the upcoming years. It doesn't matter whether you are choosing your Secondary income or Part time job. In the days to come, there will be a Big Change.

Kindly share your views / comments with a smile :)


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