Short cut to Fastest Financial Freedom(FFF)

 Short cut to Fastest Financial Freedom(FFF)

Whether it's a Simple Life style or the life style which we want, we always depend on Economy (Say 'Money'). On the other side, only if we have a time to happily spend the money we have put together, will the money we have added benefit. 

In the Modern-age development,  most of us are talking about Early Retirement Plan(ERP), Financial Freedom, Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Flexible work Hours, Live the life as we want and so on. All of these are the root cause for Financial Independence, as we are not interested to depend something or someone.

Thoughts like these are a healthy thing to do, however we have to work with some key factors to attain the Financial Independence or live the life we want. Financially Free or Financial Freedom or Financial Independence is when we do not work or not required to work for our Essential needs for the rest of our lives.

For this Independence, we have to create a massive or enough wealth in advance. In this way we can function economically Independently in our life. On the other part, Financial Independence is about ensuring the Financial Protection - Buying Adequate Term Insurance, Accident Policy and Health Insurance (Medi-claim), which includes our Family members also. If you are Super Rich, no need to think about the mandate of Insurance. Just concentrate on your business.

The Early Retirement Formula

Preparing the Emergency Fund as in Liquidity, Planning and Investing for our Financial Goals, Reducing our existing debt which all are covered under Financial Freedom. For someone, Living Debt-Free life or Maintaining a Good Health is also a positive note. These are the key factors that leads to the Fastest Financial Freedom.

Creating Financial Goals and investing consistently is important for the road to Financial Independence. At the same time, they have been found to be achievable. Curiosity about Learning something new is a tool that helps for our Independency. We need to learn the genuine money earning opportunities and invest the money for our wealth creation.   

Strive to act freely in our thoughts, beliefs, words and principles. Learning about Minimalism, awareness about our Health and it's required Fitness makes pretty happy. 

Everyone is saying, 'Work Hard, There is no Short cut'.

"Sometimes taking time is actually a short cut - Haruki Murakami"

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