World Blood Donors Day - Simple Thoughts for your Personal Finance

 World Blood Donors Day - Simple Thoughts for your Personal Finance

On 14th June by every year, the World Blood Donors Day is celebrated. We are aware that how donating on Blood helps for others. On the other side, it would have many benefits for the Donor also. Protecting our heart, Preventing from the Cancer, Controlling the iron in check, improving the Red Blood cells in our body, reducing the risk of Stroke and to maintain the proper body weight by the use of Blood Donation.

Just as we can better manage the blood we have, we can live as wealthy as the rich, if we really learn to manage our Personal Finance - Money. By making the right financial planning, we do not have to blame anyone regarding the Financial things.

Here are the simple steps we can take to begin the process,

  •  Financial Protection or Security:
        Ensuring the adequate coverage on your Term Insurance Plan, Sufficient coverage on Health Insurance for you and Family members, Aware about the Standalone Accident Care Policies.

  • Your 'All Time Credit Card':
        Creating an 'Emergency Fund' for the upcoming uncertainty is an important task on Financial planning. We cannot predict the future would be smooth and safe, however we can plan for the unexpected things to cover - like loss of a job, Zero income, Bad business days or Health emergency. 

  • Invest based on your Financial Goals:
        Direct Equity is not for your Financial Goals, where you can use the Equity related funds, index funds and asset allocator investments for your Goals. The Financial Goals may short term or long term, so the investment product depends.

  • Wealth Creation through Stocks:
        We can create good wealth through stocks, not only for us, but for our upcoming generation also. You can find great wealth by investing in the equities for the long term perspective. Like Realty and Gold, we can use the equity investment for your Wealth Creation. 

  • Risk Profiling and Asset Allocation:

          No expert in the world to predict the Global economy and it's market indices as accurately. However making asset allocation (Bonds, Deposits, Stocks, Commodity, Realty) helps us to make good returns even in the bad times.

        Invest in what you know, try to learn the new things and its opportunities. We need to do the self assessment that how we are managing our money - It's personal finance !

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