Profit and Loss of Individual Traders in F&O Segment in 2022 - SEBI Analysis Report

 Profit and Loss of Individual Traders in F&O Segment in 2022 - SEBI Analysis Report


The Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) had released a report from the Department of Economic and Policy Analysis(DEPA) a week ago. This report tells about the Individual traders engaged with Equity F&O Segment and the profit and loss analysis of the said traders in the Financial year 2022.

In the FY2022, around 45 Lakh Individual Traders dealt with the Equity Futures and Options segment in the Indian Stock Market. It is said that this is a 500 Percent growth as compared to the FY2019. The number of people aged between 20 and 30 Years was 36 Percent and aged between 30 and 40 Years was 39 Percent.

It is noted that more than 80 Percent of Individual traders were Male participants and 9 out of 10 Individual traders in Equity F&O Segment incurred losses with an average loss of Rs. 1.1 Lakh during FY2022. This means around 89 Percent of traders were met loss in their Investment Capital. On average, the loss makers were registered net trading loss which close to Rs.50,000 in the said above year.

While the number of traders were made profit in F&O Segment in FY2022 was 11 Percent and their highest average profit was about Rs.1.5 Lakh. It is noteworthy that 89 percent of traders were involved in Index Options and 11 Percent in Index Futures. Their age is mostly in the range between 20-30 years.

Meanwhile, 82 percent of the 89 percent(Index Options traders) met loss in the Financial year 2022. The number of traders in the Index Options were increased by 8 Times in 2022, as compared to FY2019. 74 Percent of the individual traders met loss in the Index Futures Segment and their average loss is about Rs.1 Lakh. 67 percent of the traders were met loss in the Stock Futures with an average loss of about Rs. 2.1 Lakh.



On the side of Profits, the top 1 percent and top 5 percent active profit makers accounted for nearly 51 Percent and 75 percent of the Total net profit earned by all active profit makers, respectively. Most of the traders who made profit from the F&O Segment have spent 15 to 50 percent of their profits on Transaction costs. 

The above said information and the survey is collected from India's Top 10 Brokers and the individual traders were including with HUF and NRI. Out of 45 Lakh individual traders, 81 percent of the people engaged from Non Tier - I & II Cities.

 Source: SEBI - Analysis of Profit and Loss of Individual Traders in F&O

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  1. This is a cool report... indirectly it means 1 person earns and 9 persons lose (feed the money to the 1 person). What a fantastic derivative market :)


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