GDP India 2021 - Contracts 7.3 Percent due to Pandemic

 GDP India 2021 - Contracts 7.3 Percent due to Pandemic  The Country's Gross Domestic Product(GDP) fell 24.4 Percent in the first quarter of fiscal 2020-21. India's economy was hit hardest by the Covid-19 Pandemic in the April to June quarter of 2020. It then fell by 7.4 Percent in the Q2FY21 which is July - September. Due to this, the country experienced a major recession last year. In the Economic cycle, If the GDP has fallen negatively for the two consecutive quarters in general, then it is called an Economic Recession. The Country recovered slightly from the recession and grew by 0.5 Percent in the third quarter.  India's GDP grew by 1.6 Percent at the end of the fourth quarter, according to the latest report by the Central Bank. Overall, India's Gross Domestic Product - economy has fallen 7.3 Percent in the last fiscal year 2020-21.  The country's real economy, which had been somewhat paralyzed since the pre-epidemic period, is now on a growth path after the Co

Five techniques for the Wealth Creation

 Five techniques for the Wealth Creation Just as there are two sides for a Coin, like wise the money we have needs two things to grow. No matter what investment plan we seek to invest in, the time and the return ratio give its value. Inflation, Taxation, Investing amount and other factors aside, it is the tenure and the investment rate or returns% that make a person Rich. Money that is earned quickly and easily in the short term can only bring great wealth if it is reinvested and waited to benefit in the long run. Otherwise, its capacity lives for a very short term. The Secret of Wealth is that the poor and middle income wants to make more profit in the short tenure, while the rich sow the money in the long run and wait, then makes a greater wealth. The so-called rich here are the ones who adhere to the Discipline of Investing. No matter what job we are looking for, we can simply follow and implement the thoughts of the Rich. Here we find Five key techniques for creating such Wealth, F

Risk Assessment - Investment Tool for the Beginners

 Risk Assessment - Investment Tool for the Beginners Before starting any investment, do self examination based on your current financial status... This would help you to choose the right investment product. The Risk assessment method can help you to set your Financial Goals / Needs clearly and make the appropriate investment.  (We are keeping your Data Confidentially !) Risk Profiling Questionnaire RICH INVESTING IDEAS | An Investment thought to create wealth. Thinks you on Investment ideas, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Personal Finance,  Entrepreneurship and more about Economics. Governed by:

Investing Strategies for the Long Term Equity Investors

  Investing Strategies for the Long Term Equity Investors Investing is always boring, however waiting for a long years too. It takes a little patience to make a great wealth in the history. Generally, good and fundamentally strong companies would always give the better returns in the long run, but may not rise in the short term always. We can see it as happened in the Capital Market regularly. More than a hundred companies are pouring in the market with great fundamentals. These companies have experience many economy slowdowns, faced various political changes and importantly have been in business for many years or centuries. Like TATA, Bajaj, Godrej, Birla, Mahindra, Reliance, L&T, Hinduja, TVS and more on it. They have plenty of business experience with multiples of track records. We can look some Foreign MNC companies like HUL, ABB India, Nestle, Abbott, Colgate Palmolive, Maruti Suzuki and Bosch have the more energy on its business fundamentals.  Even if good company stocks are

Model Stock Portfolio: Long Term Equity Investors

  Model Stock Portfolio: Long Term Equity Investors  Generally, we can find three types of investors based on Investing Strategy in the Equity Market. Investing Strategy is here nothing but as a Diversification of Stocks. There is a Conservative Investor, Moderate and Aggressive Investors.  According to Equity investment theory, these three types of investor varies to one's risk nature. Although the investment is usually made in the form of Asset Allocation, the Diversification based on Sectors is required in the Equity Investing.   Diversification is very helpful to reduce the risk involved when investing directly in the Stocks, but not in the equity oriented funds. We see the diversified investment approach as the type of investor. In doing so we can balance the volatility that occur in the short term to long run. This strategy allows the investor to make better returns in the long term without incurring significant losses. We can have a Model Stock Portfolio for the three types

India's rising retail inflation - Consumer Price Index in March 2021

 India's rising retail inflation - Consumer Price Index in March 2021 Inflation in India, since 2012(Base rate of 100) is estimated in terms of Retail Inflation. Significantly, the WPI(Wholesale price index) was previously calculated. At the end of March 2021, the Retail Inflation stood at 156.8 Points where the country's CPI Retail inflation rate rose to 5.52 Percent. It is noteworthy that the CPI Inflation in the month of January 2021 was 4.06 Percent. The current said inflation rate has been higher than the market expected. Inflation rose in March due to high prices in Food products, especially in Pulses. Food Inflation stood at 4.94 Percent at the end of March, up from 3.87 Percent in the month of February. The prices of Pulses has increased by 13 Percent. At the same time, the Vegetable prices declined slightly to 4.83 Percent.    Fuel and Light prices rose from 3.53 Percent to 4.50 Percent. Clothing and Footwear were increased to 4.41 Percent in March, earlier it was 4.21

Risk Profiling is for the Self Examination

 Risk Profiling is for the Self Examination Before starting any investment, it is a good idea to test yourself. Self Examination, which can be called Risk Profiling has 3 Stages. Risk Required Risk Capacity Risk Tolerance For example, suppose your are going to invest in the Equity(Stocks) Market. We know that the Stock Market is generally a high Risk investment product. Market Volatility is high in the short term is guaranteed in the Equity Segment. We cannot avoid this. This is what we call as Market Risk (Required risk).  Only by understanding these type of requirements, we can balance in the Investing of Equity. However we would generate better returns in the long run.  The Second risk is your Risk Capacity. This position will tell you that whether you have enough capacity to handle the risk or risk involved when investing in the Stock Market. Here we can find out how much you are going to invest and ensure about your Family will suffer financially if there is a loss in the Market.