India's Retail Inflation and Unemployment Rate - CMIE Data - August 2022

  India's Retail Inflation and Unemployment Rate - CMIE Data - August 2022 In the month of this year, the country's CPI(Consumer Price Index) - Retail inflation is said to be 7 Percent. While the Retail inflation rate has been decreasing continuously from Last April 2022 which was 7.79 Percent. However, the inflation rate in August has again increased as compared to July 2022.  The said above inflation was slightly higher than the Market expectations. The Food inflation rate rose to 7.62 Percent in the month of August from 6.75 Percent in July 2022. Meat and Fish products were increased by 206 Percent, Oil & Fat by 192 Percent and Spices by 194 Percent. The rise in prices of Vegetables and Fruits also contributed to the rise in inflation in the month of August. However, Fuel prices have moderated slightly. The inflation rate of Fuel and Light has declined to 10.78 Percent in August from 11.8 Percent in July. Based on CPI - Retail Inflation in India, Food alone contributes a

India's Trade Deficit -Q1FY23 - A Brief Overview

 India's Trade Deficit - Q1FY23 - A Brief Overview The Nation's Trade Deficit stood at USD 30 Billion at the end of July 2022. Imports were increased by 43 Percent and the Exports increased by 2.5 Percent. The Export volume was USD 66.27 Billion and the Imports at USD 36.27 Billion. Generally, the gap between Exports and Imports is called as Trade Deficit (EXIM) or Balance of Trade. India's Major imports are Mineral Fuels, Oil, Iron and Steel, Pearls, Precious Stones and Jewellery. Exports include Petroleum products, Jewellery, Vehicles, Grains, Machinery, Pharmaceutical products and Chemicals. In terms of Imports, we mostly get Goods and Services from China. In the year 2021, China were contributed 16 Percent of India's Total Imports, followed by 7.6 Percent from the United Arab Emirates(UAE) and 7.3 Percent from the United States.  It is noteworthy that China's contribution alone is about USD 87.50 Billion. We are getting Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Machi

World Blood Donors Day - Simple Thoughts for your Personal Finance

 World Blood Donors Day - Simple Thoughts for your Personal Finance On 14th June by every year, the World Blood Donors Day is celebrated. We are aware that how donating on Blood helps for others. On the other side, it would have many benefits for the Donor also. Protecting our heart, Preventing from the Cancer, Controlling the iron in check, improving the Red Blood cells in our body, reducing the risk of Stroke and to maintain the proper body weight by the use of Blood Donation. Just as we can better manage the blood we have, we can live as wealthy as the rich, if we really learn to manage our Personal Finance - Money. By making the right financial planning, we do not have to blame anyone regarding the Financial things. Here are the simple steps we can take to begin the process,  Financial Protection or Security:          Ensuring the adequate coverage on your Term Insurance Plan, Sufficient coverage on Health Insurance for you and Family members, Aware about the Standalone Accident Ca

No change in Repo Rate for the Eleventh Time – RBI Monetary Policy

  No change in Repo Rate for the Eleventh Time – RBI Monetary Policy  Recently, the Central Bank - Reserve Bank of India were released it's MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) insights related on Bank Interest rate and economy data. It was the first meet for the Current Financial year 2022-23.  The Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has said that there will be no change in the REPO and Reverse REPO rate. Generally, the REPO rate is the interest rate charged by the Central bank on loans to banks in the Country, where the Central bank borrows a loan with a particular interest rate from banks is called as Reverse REPO rate. According to the RBI, the REPO rate will remain unchanged at 4 Percent and Reverse REPO at 3.35 Percent. It is noteworthy that the Bank Repo rates have not changed much since the year 2020, given the recession caused by the Covid-19 Epidemic. For the Eleventh time, by this MPC meet - There is no change in the REPO interest rate. However the bank rates may be hiked in the comin

India's CPI Retail Inflation to 6.01 Percent in January 2022

 India's CPI Retail Inflation to 6.01 Percent in January 2022 CPI(Consumer Price Index) Inflation, also known as Retail Inflation rose to 6.01 Percent in the month of January 2022. It is noteworthy that the Retail inflation rate has been volatile in the recent few months post Covid-2019. At the same time, India's Unemployment rate has dropped slightly. The Unemployment rate for the month of January was around 6.57 Percent - Urban contributed with 8.16 Percent and 5.84 Percent in Rural. For the past few months, the Unemployment rate in Urban areas has been higher than in Rural Areas. The current said CPI Retail inflation for the month of January is above the Central Bank's near term target. Due to the rising prices of Food inflation, it went above the 6 Percent rate. On January 2022, the pulses grew by 3 Percent, Vegetables by 5.19 Percent, Oil and Fats by 18.7 Percent.  Retail Inflation of January 2022 is the highest price Since October 2020. Prices of Fuel and Light were a

Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds

 Best 5 Funds to invest in 2022 - Mutual Funds If there was an opportunity to invest heavily in the Equity Market post 2008, it would be the year 2020 - Covid-19 Market Crash. The Global lock down and Economic Downturn caused by the Epidemic may have brought some good fortune to the Equity investors. Most people who fail in the Stock investing fall into two factors - Greedy(Quick rich) and making the wrong investment decision while timing the market. So, never try to time the Market. Upside and Downside are the nature of the Mr. Market. However it always help to build the great wealth, importantly beat the inflation. Those who make a series of long term investments without any temptation in the volatile are always get succeed. No one can guide you to the wealth for Free. Therefore, attention should be paid to those receive the Advise or recommendation.  If you don't have a time to analyse and invest in the Direct Equity Market, then you can have a Mutual Funds managed by the Fund m

India's GDP growth rate at 8.4 Percent in Q2FY22

 India's GDP growth rate at 8.4 Percent in Q2FY22 The First quarter of the last fiscal year 2020-21 saw a sharp decline in the Indian Economy due to Covid-19 Epidemic. The Country's economy contracted (-24.4) Percent in the April-June 2021 quarter, reason for Nation wide lock down. This was followed by a decline of (-7.4) Percent in the next quarter which is July to September 2020-21. It is noteworthy that most developed and emerging economy countries had such an impact last year. Curfew controls eased somewhat and the economy is started to recover. It was 0.5 Percent growth in the December quarter and 1.6 Percent in the ending March 2021 quarter. During April to June period of the current fiscal year, the growth rate was said to be 20.1 Percent, then now 8.4 Percent in the second quarter of 2021-22. This said 8.4 Percent growth were compared with the last year September, which was seen as Negative growth. The Q2FY22 September quarter growth was mainly driven by the Service Sec